What is Gua Sha?

As practitioners, or really anyone in a job where you have specific jargon you use on a daily basis that your colleagues all understand – sometimes we forget that you, the reader & the patient, have zero clue what we’re talking about.  You look at the website of a Chinese medicine practitioner and you’re like, what is all this stuff?! 

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On being constipated!

I have brought you here today to talk about something very dear to my heart – poop.  Yep, I’m goin’ there.  We might as well get it out of the way because if you come see me in clinic, I will ask you about this – digestive health and comfort in your gut are very important, in my opinion.  There are even schools of thought in Chinese medicine that focus entirely around it as if your digestion were the center of the universe!   

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The "Danger" of Herb Misuse

I saw this article about the Pros and Cons of taking Turmeric and immediately knew I needed to address the topic of herb misuse.  My dad and I were having a conversation a while ago, and he always gets really excited whenever he discovers some new herb or supplement that he can tell me about – and he most recently had started taking Turmeric.  He’d been taking it for a while (a couple months) and said he had been feeling great, but something wasn’t quite right. 

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When life throws one at you - go back to Wellness principles

You know the saying, “When life throws you lemons..." and your clever friends answer, “Screw the lemons and bail!” or “Add some vodka and let’s party!”  Back in acupuncture school, I was getting lemons on the regular.  When I would get home from a 9-hour day of dealing with patients, sitting on my butt listening to lectures for hours, I had to come home and take care of myself and THEN do more work!!  I couldn't do yoga because I hurt so badly and I needed yoga to function.  I became pretty depressed at that point because my body couldn’t do what I needed it to do.

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When should I see an acupuncturist?

I hear this all the time - "What do I even go see an acupuncturist for?"  Acupuncture can help with a long list of things that ail you – as you probably noticed if you’ve gone to an acupuncturist’s website (like my friend Ryan) and they’ll tell you they can treat anything from:

  • Acne
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Musculoskeletal pain, such as hip, low-back, or ankle pain
  • Traumatic injuries or post-surgery healing
  • Headaches
  • Menstrual issues and PMS
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What to expect at your acupuncture treatment – Before, During and After

Well you’ve done it!  You’ve finally considered acupuncture, or maybe you’ve even booked your first appointment.  Now what?  What is the appointment going to be like?  Will the needles hurt?  Do I just walk in and someone starts poking me??  Every acupuncturist and their office of course will be different, but here are a few things that are likely to happen when you come in for your first appointment:

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